What I doing?
I develop brand strategy and its positioning, corporate identity and packaging design, build a system of integrated brand communications.
I have completed more than 150 projects for various companies from all over the world, and have successful experience as a designer, art director and brand strategy expert for global advertising agencies.
Awards and recognition
22 E 71st St,
New York, NY 10021
8 Rue Halévy,
Paris, 75009, France
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I create a conscious design that makes the product clearer and closer, design as a business tool, design that translates meanings and ideas.
Brand development
Brand strategy
Brand Identity
Corporate branding
Visual communication
Packaging design
Structural design
Web design
Design concept
Tone of voice
Adaptive design
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Member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (New York)
Member of the American Institute
of Graphic Arts (New York)
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